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Dogue de Bordeaux - it is very calm and keen - nosed dog by nature. This dog is suitable for a guardian dog, because it does its work with watchfulness and great bravery without aggressiveness. Dogue de Bordeaux is excellent friend, very sensitive, and attached to its owners. It shows its attachment and its feeling very expansively. It is a calm and steady dog which loves children.s company. During its upbringing it is vital to be consistent. You must ensure activity of that breed

Dogue de Bordeaux
Other names: French Mastiff, Bordeauxdogge, Bordeaux Bulldog, Bordeaux Mastiff
Origin: France
Height: Psy 60-68cm
(male), 58-66cm (female)
Weight Psy 55kg
(male) 45kg (female)
FCI Group II, Section 2, nr of model 116
AKC Miscellaneous
ANKC Grupa 6(Utility)
KC(UK) Working
NZKC Utility
UKC Group 1. Guardian Dogs
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